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#02: Preparing for Birth and Chest/Breastfeeding by Connecting to Your Intuition

Are you ready to discover the strategies to have a grounded and supported chest or breastfeeding experience? Today we are joined by Ayoe Ingemann Lai, a mother of two, doula, energy healing practitioner, Thompson Method Breastfeeding Educator, and author. Ayoe personally experienced many difficulties when breastfeeding her firstborn. Her experience sent her on her path to help people achieve pain-free breastfeeding outcomes. In this episode, we dive into the following:

  • How to tap into our intuition and energy to feel more prepared for birth and infant feeding

  • Some of the best ways to prepare for breastfeeding or chestfeeding during pregnancy

  • What practices can help you along the way if you have challenges feeding your baby

Listen to the episode now :

Welcome back to the Mindful Birth Podcast! We're excited to have you join us on this enlightening journey as we delve into the captivating realms of birth work and energy healing. Today, we have the honor of introducing you to Ayoe Ingemann Lai, a remarkable individual whose path intertwines both the art of a birthkeeper and the practices of an energy worker. Ayoe's journey commenced over a decade ago when she embarked on a quest into the world of energy healing. Arriving in Canada from Denmark armed with a master's degree in human kinetics, little did she know that her path would unfold in unexpected ways. Despite her qualifications, the pursuit of a job was fraught with challenges. It was during this time that serendipity played its role, leading her to encounter a bioenergy healing teacher at a health and wellness show in Vancouver. Intrigued by the teacher's discourse on chakras, Ayoe's curiosity ignited, propelling her into the realm of energy healing. However, it was a particular incident that solidified her belief in the transformative power of energy healing. When her young son suffered a fall, resulting in indents on his head, Ayoe harnessed her newfound skills. Employing bioenergy techniques, she witnessed an astonishing phenomenon—the indents gradually vanished, and the colors of the bruising shifted before her eyes. This astounding experience marked a turning point, deepening her conviction in the potential of energy work. The birth of her own children marked another significant juncture. Sensing a missing element in her holistic practice, Ayoe felt drawn to support expectant mothers. This awakening led her to become a doula, a role where she artfully interweaves her energy healing expertise with her newfound passion for empowering pregnant women. This synergy is guided by the aspiration to help women connect with their inherent energy and resilience during this transformative phase of their lives.

Ayoe's journey from a different country to Canada brings to light the tapestry of uncertainties and possibilities that such a shift entails. Embracing the unfamiliar path, Ayoe navigated the uncharted waters with a blend of excitement and apprehension. Her narrative underscores the beauty of life's twists, often leading us to unforeseen destinations and rewarding experiences.

At the core of bioenergy healing lies the concept of energy flow. Picture your body as a river, energy coursing through it like a stream. Yet, sometimes, rocks and obstacles disrupt this flow, akin to life's challenges impeding our vitality. Bioenergy practitioners utilize specialized hand techniques to eliminate these blockages, reinstating a harmonious energy flow that nurtures holistic well-being. Ayoe also touches on the distinction between bioenergy healing and Reiki. While both share similarities, bioenergy healing distinguishes itself through its hands-off approach, centered on unblocking energy pathways. This differentiation highlights the radical nature of bioenergy healing and its capacity for profound transformation. Linking subtle energies to the journey of pregnancy and beyond opens up a realm of immense possibilities. Ayoe underscores the potency of mindfulness in channeling one's energy. She shares an anecdote exemplifying the power of intention and manifestation. By consciously steering thoughts and intentions, individuals can shape their birth experiences and traverse the realm of motherhood with heightened mindfulness. The law of attraction comes into play as we acknowledge the profound influence of our thoughts and beliefs. Ayoe shares a tale of a first-time mother who shifted her focus from "I don't want a cesarean" to affirming intentions. This shift in mindset underlines the tremendous impact of our thoughts on our experiences, whether in anticipation of labor pain or in embracing new beginnings.

This episode serves as a vivid reminder of the symbiotic relationship between birth work and energy healing. Ayoe's transformative journey—from a fervent energy healing enthusiast to a skilled doula—encapsulates the potential of intention-setting and energy flow. We invite you to embrace Ayoe's insights, embarking on your own unique voyage of mindful birth and beyond.

Thank you for joining us on the Mindful Birth Podcast, where we unravel the secrets of harnessing energy for a transformative birth experience. Stay tuned for more engaging conversations and insightful episodes to support your journey into motherhood and beyond.


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