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Get your FREE Visual Birth Plan Template

Used by over 2,000 families...

After attending many births, I've found that one-page visual birth plans are the most effective. This template is specifically designed to be clear, concise, and something any healthcare provider can understand in a short amount of time. Also included in the template is a page for gentle cesarean preferences. It is always good to plan for the unexpected. Join the thousands of families who have used this effective template and download yours today!


And here is what people have to say...

Clara's birthing preferences worksheets are AMAZING! The medical staff at the hospital kept saying how much they loved the icons and they understood exactly what I was asking for.


- Stephanie Aines

Clara was the best thing to happen to our birth plan!


- Alana Pearson

Your resources and programs have just empowered me so much! I don't know how to thank you! 


- Sarah Rivera


Clara (she/her), a researcher-turned doula and childbirth educator, brings a mix of science and mindful practices to birth work. She has supported thousands of families to prepare for beautiful birth experiences through her programs, resources, and services. 


Her passion? Supporting people - like you- learn how to harness their inner power during life's most magnificent transitions. 


Come as you are. As a neurodivergent and queer birth worker, Clara is passionate about creating inclusive spaces for people to access information and techniques for a calm and supported birth experience.

Meet Clara

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