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Learn how to plan for the birth of your dreams WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed by options you never heard about

...(even if you're unsure about what you want for your birth experience)


Preparing for the birth of your dreams just got
a whole lot easier!

I know you wish that you could snap your fingers and have the perfect birth plan generated for you and know all there is to know about your options... especially now, with so many other things to worry about.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by conflicting information and what it means for your birth and your baby, you’re not alone…

I made this course with you in mind.


I want you to look back on your birth and thank yourself for the decision you made today.



Side effects to this masterclass may include...

Knowing exactly what preferences you want on your birth plan

Feeling calm and confident
leading up to

your birth.

Looking back on your
birth experience with a
sense of pride.

PLUS you’ll get an entire guide on evidence-based information related to each preference so you don’t have to spend hours independently researching your options…

PLUS you’ll have the confidence to discuss your options and preferences with your care team...



Unlock your ultimate birth plan toolkit!

The Birth Plan Masterclass, is an easy to implement process that will show you how to go from being overwhelmed by all of your options to feeling confident in your choices and advocating for the birth of your dreams.



Hi there! I’m Clara, I am a holistic doula, childbirth educator, researcher, and complete birth nerd. I am passionate about supporting people birth in their POWER.


Disillusioned by the way birth has been portrayed in the media and a hyper-controlled in the medical system, I am here to support people connect with their inherent ability to birth their babies.


Did you know it takes 15-20 years for the most current evidence to make it’s way into the hospital?!?! That’s why I work to put evidence-based information in the hands of families so they can make informed decisions about how they birth their babies.

I'm dedicated to providing inclusive childbirth support and education to all birthing people.

Check out what people are saying!


"“Clara was the absolute best thing to happen to our birthing plan. My heart is full every time I think about my birth story."


“This was my 2nd child, but first unmedicated birth, which came as a result of Clara’s dedication to my care, the knowledge she imparted, and her use of evidence-based content."


“Me hayas apoyado como lo hiciste en el proceso de mi embarazo.. LUCCA y yo estaremos muy agradecidos por siempre! ❤”

Say hello to your effective birth plan strategy


Birth Plan Workshop Mock Up (1).png

Building Your Birth

Plan Masterclass 

Pre-recorded classes where I walk you through how to create a birth plan and the most effective way to implement it. You'll get lifetime access!

Birth Plan Workshop Mock Up (2).png

Visual Birth Plan Template

A fully customizable birth plan template that is easy to edit

and provider-approved.

Copy of 3_edited.png

Birth Preferences Encyclopedia

A guide describing each preference option on the  birth plan template and linking you directly to evidence-based information. That's right, no more endless Googling!


Pregnancy Meditation

for Stress & Anxiety

This meditation is designed specifically to help slow down all those thoughts and support you in connecting deeply with your baby.

Copy of 3_edited.png

Support Partner
Cheat Sheet

Tips for how your birth partner or support person can help you throughout labor and birth.


I know what it’s like to invest in something new, especially if you're new to Clear Light Birth.

But here’s the truth… I know that this resource will be extremely valuable to you in preparing for your birth.

I stand by everything that I offer and because of that, I’m offering you a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you get inside and don’t love what you see, I’ll send over a quick questionnaire and refund your full purchase.

Be prepared to love what’s inside!!!

(I am confident you will)



✔️ You know that birth that the potential to change your life

✔️ You’ve been looking for a way to prepare and advocate for the birth of your dreams

✔️ You’re ready to claim your power and assemble your all-star birth team

✔️ You’re all about finding resources that make your life WAY easier



❌ You’re not interested in learning about your birth options

❌ You’d rather just wing it and hope that your birth goes okay

❌ You aren’t interested in evidence-based information 

❌ You’re okay with being told what to do and birth in the way people tell you to

Imagine how different your birth will be when..

You have all the information you need to advocate for your birth preferences.

You're able to relax as your due date approaches because you feel confident and knowledgeable.

You feel completely supported because your care team and support people are on board and ready to help you make the birth of your dreams come true.


If you don't know your option, you don't have any.
Let's make sure you know all your options!

What are you waiting for?


🤩The Birth Plan Masterclass (value = $57)

📝Visual Birth Plan Template (value = $9)

📓The Birth Preferences Encyclopedia (value = $36)

🎧Bonus: Pregnancy Meditation for Stress & Anxiety

📎Bonus: Support Partner Cheat Sheet

Total Value: $102

Today's Price = $37

Take a risk-free opportunity to completely level up your birth experience

Unsure it's even possible?

Let me ask you this: have you ever gone to eat at a restaurant where you and your partner were completely unfamiliar with the cuisine with no idea what to order? ...And at the table across from you is someone in the same boat but their date is able to give a full description of what each item includes. 


So what you end up picking something after Googling it on your phone. When the dish comes out it’s not what you thought you ordered. While the couple across the way looks completely satisfied with their meal...


Think about it…the only difference between you and the person sitting across from you is that they have a guide helping them to better understand what their options are.

That’s exactly why I created this masterclass!

So you can know exactly what your options are + have a roadmap for how to make your dream birth a reality

...and most importantly you can look back on your birth and feel absolutely empowered by the experience.

© 2022 Clear Light Birth LLC

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