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What is Clear Light Birth?

Clear Light Birth is your go-to source for:

  • Overcoming any fear & anxiety about pregnancy and birth.

  • Getting evidence-based information to make informed decisions about your body during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

  • Preparing for your birth in a way that is deeply connected with your values and intuition.

How do I help with all that?

By sharing helpful pregnancy and birth tips on the Mindful Womb Podcast

FREE resources:

Online workshops and classes:

Plus, one-on-one support like:

I'm Claraa holistic birth nerd


A Little About Me

Hi there! I'm Clara O'Rourke (she/her). I'm a researcher turned doula and childbirth educator. I bring a mix of science-backed information and mindfulness strategies to my approach as a birthworker.


I have been called to birth work for as long as I can remember. Disheartened by the way birth has been portrayed in the media and the hyper-controlled medical system, I am here to support people connect with their intuition and birth with confidence.

Inspiration for Clear Light Birth comes from the truly transcendent journey people embark on through pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. In Spanish, "to give birth" translates to dar a luz, which, at its root means to give light. For many, this is a transformational, enlightening, and often spiritual journey.


Through childbirth education and doula work, I support birthing people in creating a holistic path to parenthood that centers their voice. I am here to guide you through any uncharted waters, encourage you to tap into your strong intuition, and support you in feeling grounded in your decisions throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.


I am queer and neurodivergent as well as an advocate for social and racial justice. I love spending time in nature, practicing yoga and meditation, nerding out about birth, and playing with fiber arts.


I am here to honor you for who you are and how you want to give birth to your baby.


También ofrezco mis servicios en español. 


  • Certified Doula through Mama Glow 

  • Evidence Based Birth® Instructor Training 

  • Certified Childbirth Educator through Birthworker

  • Reiki Level One Certification 

  • Doula of The Divine Mentorship

  • American Red Cross CPR Certified

  • Gina Kirby Rebozo Training

  • Mindfulness as a Catalyst for Equity & Collective Healing

Skills and Comfort Techniques

  • Acupressure

  • Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

  • Breathwork & Meditation Techniques

  • Communication & Advocacy

  • Counterpressure

  • Emotional Support

  • Massage

  • Movement

  • Positioning

  • Reiki

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