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#35: The Birth Binary: Avoid This Mindset Trap That Can Sabotage Your Birth Experience

Today we are talking about a mindset that can lead to a traumatic birth experience and the keys to avoiding this mindset trap. And we talk about the key mindset shift that will change your perspective on birth. 

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Welcome back to another episode of Mindful Womb Podcast! So, I had this amazing consult with a prospective client recently, and you know how conversations can take unexpected turns? Well, we found ourselves delving deep into the tiredness surrounding the birth binary – a topic that resonates with so many of us, especially in the United States. Let me share some thoughts on the polarizing narrative that surrounds birthing and why it's high time we break free from it.

Breaking the Birth Binary:

We often find ourselves caught up in this polarizing world of "all-natural" Vs "intervention" birth is better. Social media is flooded with opinions on what's good or bad when it comes to giving birth. And let's be real, it can be overwhelming! I've seen this divisive narrative potentially leading to more traumatic births, as people feel pressured to conform to one camp or the other.

The Empowering Cesarean Birth:

One of the most beautiful births I've attended – an unplanned cesarean birth. Picture this: my client, an IVF patient with advanced maternal age, faced numerous challenges during her pregnancy. Long story short, we reached a crossroads where a cesarean was an option. And you know what? It turned out to be a hell yes decision for her! We focused on ensuring immediate skin-to-skin, challenging the stereotypes surrounding cesarean births. It was pure bliss, and she looks back on it with joy.

Mindset Shift: Good or Bad?

Let's talk about mindset. I'm all about breaking free from the labels of good and bad. Every birthing choice comes with its unique set of benefits and risks. It's about making informed decisions that resonate with us, empowering us to take control of our birth experiences.

Inductions and Fear:

Inductions – a topic that often gets a bad rap. But what if we approached them with an open mind? Understanding that, in certain situations, they can be life-changing. Fear tends to shape biases, and it's time we unpack those fears to make decisions based on our unique circumstances.

I love a good metaphor, so here's one for you. Imagine a wise farmer not labeling events as good or bad. Instead, they let time unfold the interconnectedness of experiences. It's a reminder that our past experiences are shaped by the present moment, and time tells a story we might not have anticipated.

Take a moment to reflect on experiences labeled as bad. What if something seemingly negative protected you from something far worse? I challenge you to dissolve the binary mindset and embrace a broader range of adjectives to describe life's experiences.

I invite you to join me on this journey of shifting perspectives. Let's approach life's experiences with openness and acceptance. I've even got a free resource to help you address those birth fears and biases. Check it out at Let's navigate our birth journeys confidently, breaking free from the binary, and celebrating the beauty of our unique experiences.

Your birth journey is beautiful. It might not look how you imagined, but trust me, it's uniquely yours. Let's break free from the binary and celebrate the diversity and individuality of each birthing experience. Happy birthing, and I'll catch you in the next episode!


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