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Clear Light Birth 

Ready to leave behind fear & anxiety, harness your power, and give birth with confidence?

Ready to give birth with confidence?

Here are three ways you can prepare for birth today...

learn how to manage labor pain naturally

Get a FREE guide that walks you through 5 most effective natural comfort measures that have been proven to reduce labor pain. 

create a birth plan that reflects YOUR desires

Download your FREE customizable birth plan template! Use it to ensure your support team is ready to support you birth in the way YOU desire!

advocate for the birth of your DREAMS

Learn how to make an effective birth plan and put it into action. Register for the Birth Plan Masterclass and make planning for labor a whole lot easier!

Hi, I'm Clara!

Holistic Doula & Childbirth Educator

I support people birth with confidence worldwide! I offer in person doula support in Massachusetts.


I'll ensure your voice is centered in your journey to parenthood and help navigate any uncharted waters by:


  • providing evidence-based information so that you feel grounded in making informed decisions

  • supporting you in developing a deep connection with your intuition so you feel comfortable advocating for what is best for YOU

  • preparing your body so that you feel that you are birthing intuitively in a flow state

  • ensuring that you feel fully supported by anyone attending your birth


I will be your most comforting and honest birth coach.


Clara is an active listener. She always validated my feelings and empowered me to embrace them. We removed any power associated with my childbirth fears. Clara was attuned to my personal needs. She readily matched resources and our session activities to fit whatever challenge or inquiry I had from heartburn, preparing my pelvic floor. All of the resources Clara sent had corresponding evidence-based literature which was very helpful for me.

-Jhanelle A.


It has been such a joy working with Clara, she is truly heaven sent! She is very transparent, resourceful, and prompt. Although our birthing experience did not go as planned, I couldn’t have thanked Clara enough for her dedication and patience throughout our journey to bring our baby to earth side! I felt super confident in the birth plan that we created and to have there to advocate for me when I wasn’t able to speak was very reassuring.  I HIGHLY recommend her services.

-Alicia F.


Clara was the absolute best thing to happen to our birthing plan. I had little to no support on this journey and felt isolated and unheard by medical staff in the past, but Clara was sure to support me at the hospital and advocate for me and my birthing plan. She was so awesome we gave our newborn her name as a middle name! Clara, you will always be extended family! Thank you so much for your support through such a precious time in our lives!”

-Alana P.

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