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#45: Navigating Inclusive Birth Support & Deeping Your Mind-Body Connection - with Sabrina Ortolano

Let’s talk about inclusive care for expecting individuals. In this enlightening episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Sabrina Ortolano (she/her), a Birth Doula of nearly thirty years and owner of IPSB, Los Angeles’ longest-running massage and bodywork school. As a queer birthworker and body worker, Sabrina shares her wisdom about how to take a holistic approach to finding affirming care while also deepening your mind-body connection. 

In this episode, we dive into the following:

  • How to find affirming birth support

  • How to screen for a supported provider

  • Deepening your mind body connection for resiliency 

  • How psycho-emotional state can impact our bodies

Listen to the episode now:

Welcome to another episode of the Mindful Womb Podcast!

In this enlightening episode, I had the pleasure of conversing with Sabrina Ortolano, a Birth Doula of nearly thirty years and owner of IPSB, Los Angeles’ longest-running massage and bodywork school. Our discussion traversed the vast landscape of birth support, touching upon the vital intersectionality that shapes inclusive care for expecting individuals.

Understanding Intersectionality in Birth Support

Intersecting identities within the birth space. Sabrina illuminated how individuals from diverse backgrounds bring unique perspectives and experiences to their birthing journey. These identities intersect, influencing encounters with microaggressions and systemic challenges.

Sabrina emphasized the importance of fostering diversity and inclusivity within birth support communities. Together with her partner, she endeavors to cultivate a space where individuals from marginalized communities feel validated and supported. Central to this vision is the belief that shared experiences foster deeper understanding and connection.

Creating Safe Spaces through Inclusive Care

Sabrina acknowledged that while she offers compassionate care, her identity as a cis white woman may not always align with the safest space for everyone. She advocates for a more equitable distribution of birth support providers.

The Power of Mind-Body Connection

Beyond physical support, Sabrina highlighted the profound link between mind and body during childbirth. She emphasized that our bodies often mirror emotional experiences, and addressing physical discomfort can unveil deeper emotional layers. Trauma-informed care, coupled with mindfulness practices, equips individuals with resilience and self-awareness as they navigate the complexities of childbirth.

Supporting Transitions into Parenthood

Transitioning into parenthood heralds a profound life shift, yet societal norms often overlook the emotional intricacies involved. Sabrina advocates for a holistic approach to postpartum care, recognizing the need for ritual and support during this transformative journey. She underscores the importance of rest, community support, and compassionate understanding as individuals navigate this new chapter of their lives.

Embracing Curiosity and Compassion

Sabrina radiated curiosity and compassion. She encouraged individuals to explore their bodies with curiosity, delving deeper to unravel the root causes of discomfort. Moreover, she highlighted the transformative power of compassionate support in nurturing individuals during vulnerable moments.

If Sabrina's insights resonated with you and you're eager to learn more, reach out to her via email at Stay tuned for updates on her upcoming wellness center and massage program, where inclusivity and compassionate care take center stage.

As we journey through the intricate tapestry of birth support, let's embrace the principles of intersectionality, mindfulness, and compassion. By fostering inclusive spaces and honoring the diverse experiences of birthing individuals, we can create a world where everyone feels seen, supported, and empowered on their journey into parenthood.


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