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Clara (she/hers) 
Holistic Doula & Childbirth Educator

Join me LIVE on 9/27 at 8 pm EST to discover the SPECIFIC steps every pregnant person needs to have a powerful birth experience!

↓ Free Resources  ↓

Eliminate your birth fears... so you can finally enjoy your pregnancy without constantly worrying about the worst-case scenario.

Actionable strategies, heartfelt stories, pregnancy and parenting hacks... all tied together to will help you harness your inner power and embrace personal growth as you navigate the ever-changing cycles of your life and womb.

Listen to the latest episode.

Get your customizable visual birth plan template and make advocating for the birth of your dreams 10X easier

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Set up a complimentary consultation call to learn more about my in-person and virtual services.

Be the FIRST notified once we open up doors to Path to a Powerful Birth so that you can feel prepared to birth with confidence and enter parenthood with ease.

↓ More Resources  ↓

The Birth Plan Masterclass is an easy-to-implement process that will show you how to go from being overwhelmed by all of your options to feeling confident in your choices and advocating for the birth of your dreams. GET INSTANT ACCESS TODAY

Get 70 printable birth affirmation cards to help you to feel strong, confident, and calm before and during labor. 

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