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✨ Let's clear your birth fears! ✨

Check your email for the subject line: "Let's Clear Your Birth Fears!!!" 
to get your Fear Clearing Workbook & Tutorial


Hi there! I’m Clara (she/her), I am a holistic doula, childbirth educator, researcher, and complete birth nerd. I am passionate about supporting people birth in their POWER.


Disillusioned by the way birth has been portrayed in the media and a hyper-controlled in the medical system, I am here to support people connect with their inherent ability to birth their babies.


Did you know it takes 15-20 years for the most current evidence to make its way into the hospital?!?! That’s why I work to put evidence-based information in the hands of families so they can make informed decisions about how they birth their babies.

I'm dedicated to providing inclusive childbirth support and education to all birthing people.

Are you ready to have a uniquely powerful birth without stress or fear? Click here to get on the waitlist for my Path to a Powerful Birth program!

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