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May 16th or 24th at 8:00 pm EST

Learn the 3 biggest mistakes that will sabotage your birth and how to avoid them

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You'll walk away from the FREE LIVE training with actionable steps to uplevel your birth experience



✅The mistakes to avoid so you can have an amazing birth experience

✅The strategies that lead to an empowering birth experience

✅Why these strategies are so important and effective

✅What to focus on and prioritize in your birth prep


Hi there! I’m Clara, I am a holistic doula, childbirth educator, researcher, and complete birth nerd. I am passionate about supporting people birth in their POWER.


Disillusioned by the way birth has been portrayed in the media and a hyper-controlled in the medical system, I am here to support people connect with their inherent ability to birth their babies.


Did you know it takes 15-20 years for the most current evidence to make it’s way into the hospital?!?! That’s why I work to put evidence-based information in the hands of families so they can make informed decisions about how they birth their babies.

I'm dedicated to providing inclusive childbirth support and education to all birthing people.


If you can't make the live training on Tuesday, May 16th or Wednesday, May 24th at 8pm EST there will be a replay available. 

If you do show up LIVE you'll have a chance to win a prize valued at $100!

Be prepared to love what’s inside!!!

(I am confident you will)

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